Local Church Membership an introductory poll (Part 2)

(1) How many churches in your community have a “membership roll” or a list of those  who are “in fellowship”?  (___)

 (2) Do you know of any church in your community which does not have a membership  roll or a list of those who are “in fellowship”? (Y/N)

 (3) Have you ever heard the arguments that if you don’t have “local church membership” or don’t know who is “in fellowship”…

    (a) it is impossible to scripturally celebrate the Lord’s Supper?  (Y/N)

    (b) it is impossible to carry out scriptural church discipline or “excommunication”?  (Y/N)

    (c) it is impossible to carry on any “church business” (for without “membership” or knowing who was “in fellowship” who would be qualified to vote or make  decisions that affected the church?) (Y/N)

 (4) Do you believe that “local church membership” or “being in the fellowship of a local church” is a wise and scriptural concept? (Y/N)

 (5) If you were asked to refute these ideas and arguments with scripture, what scriptural  instructions, principles or reasons would you cite?  What examples would you list of people who were never referred to as “members of”  or “in fellowship” with local churches in Bible times?

 (Questions 1-4 can be simply answered with a number and “YES” or “NO” answers. When you come to #5 please answer only the question that is asked.  The first poll asked the opposite question, “If you were asked to defend these ideas with scripture, how would you do it?  So please do NOT answer that question today! After collecting the responses to these two polls we’ll compare them and see what we can learn. Your insights gleaned from scripture will be greatly valued so please participate!)


One comment on “Local Church Membership an introductory poll (Part 2)

  1. My answers to the first 4 questions are the same as on the response to Poll number 1.
    Re Question 5: Membership in scripture is only associated with living bodies which have a head. There are only two such bodies mentioned in scripture: (1) One’s physical body and (2) The Church which is Christ’s Body of which He alone is the Head.

    New Covenant churches in the first century always remembered the Lord in breaking of bread at their daily meals apart from any local church membership.

    Paul called upon the church at Corinth to exercise church discipline by putting away from among them a brother who was living with his father’s wife. Such action was taken apart from any “local church membership”!

    Church busines, i.e. making decisions and carrying out those decisions was made in Acts 6 and Acts 15 apart from any reference to church membership in the church at Jerusalem.


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