Not only do the scriptural marks of fables test my doctrines and expose those which are false, they also test and expose the allegiance of my heart!  This has happened to me on numerous occasions… As soon as I discover that doctrines which I have embraced are actually fables and are contrary to God’s Word – my response immediately demonstrates and exposes the allegiance of my heart. My response (Will I cling to those familiar doctrines or will I reject them?) reveals exactly where the allegiance of my heart truly lies.

If, while considering the consequences, I tremble to think of standing alone for God in the midst of my family, peers and church community and I choose to still embrace teachings which I know to be false – my heart has been exposed! My allegiance has been given to the wisdom of men. I value the praise of men more than the praise of God and man’s wisdom will rule supreme in my heart. (John 12:42,43)

If, while considering the consequences, I tremble at God’s Word  (Ezra 10:3;  Isaiah 66:1-5) and tremble to think of standing alone in His presence to give account of myself (II Cor.5:9-11)  and I choose to reject all those doctrines which I know to be false – my heart has been exposed! My allegiance has been given to God.  His Word alone must rule supreme in my heart. (Ps.19:7-11; Ps.119:100-104)

It is precisely for this reason that pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Bible school and seminary presidents and professors often refuse to acknowledge objective scriptural tests of false doctrines which are set forth here. When such is the case, their allegiance is NOT to God and His Word, but has actually been given to denominations and churches with their creeds and doctrinal statements in the words which man’s wisdom teaches.

But my brothers and sisters in Christ, may I ask you this question…  “As you test your own doctrines and discover that some of them are fables of men – will you continue to cling to them or will you reject them in order to embrace only the sound doctrines of scripture?”

It is here that these objective standards test and expose not only the doctrines we embrace which are fables, but they also test and expose the allegiance of our heart.

Will the words of the song  “I Pledge Allegiance to The Lamb” be the prayer of your heart regarding the doctrines you will reject and the doctrines you will retain?…

CHORUS                                                                                                                                             I pledge allegiance to the Lamb,                                                                                          With all my strength, With  all I am                                                                                         I will choose to honor His commands                                                                                     I pledge allegiance to the Lamb.

I have heard how Christians long ago                                                                                   Were brought before a tyrant’s throne                                                                                They were told that he would spare their lives                                                                  If they would renounce the name of Christ.                                                                      But one by one they chose to die                                                                                              The Son of God they would not deny.                                                                               Like a great angelic choir sings                                                                                                I can almost hear their voices ring.


Now the years have come and the years have gone                                                     And the cause of Jesus still goes on                                                                                  Now our time has come to count the cost                                                                          To reject this world, to embrace the Cross.                                                                       And one by one let us live our lives                                                                                     For the One who died to give us life                                                                                     Till the trumpet sounds on the final day                                                                                 Let us proudly stand and boldly say…


To the Lamb of God who bore my pain                                                                            Who took my place who wore my shame                                                                               I will seek to honor His commands                                                                                         I pledge allegiance to the Lamb.

May you know the deep peace and joy of the Lord as you purpose to pay what may very well be a high price for obedience to the Lord.  It is always best to “buy the truth and sell it not…” Proverbs 23:23


  1. Truus says:

    My “Scriptural” reply would not be that “man-made” song but of the Psalms Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet …….Psalm 119;105
    And my Scriptural heart’s reply will be with Hannah from the OT 1 Sam. 2;1…….my heart rejoiceth in the Lord.


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