My name is Bruce Woodford,  I’m a firm believer in the Bible and one who loves the Lord Jesus. I’m also a recovering false teacher. For far too long I believed many teachings about the Bible without verifying them by the Bible itself!  Therefore, as I served as a pastor, church-planting missionary and Bible teacher I became a false teacher without even knowing it!

I assumed that the doctrines I received from Bible teachers I trusted were sound and scriptural and I also assumed that any teaching which was contrary to what I believed was false! But I was unaware that there was an objective standard which set forth the marks of every sound and scriptural doctrine and by which any false and unscriptural teaching could also be recognized.

When the Lord mercifully showed me the objective standard which distinguishes between sound doctrines and false ones, I began to test my own teachings. This practice commenced for me a surprising and very humbling personal journey. I’ve been amazed, shocked and ashamed many times as I discovered that doctrines I had embraced and taught to others were not only foreign to the Bible but were actually contradictory to God’s Word!

The Lord has convicted me of my failure to “endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). I have been saddened and alarmed to realize that the false teachings which I embraced are the very things which cause divisions, distractions and great damage among His people who are my brothers and sisters and fellow members in the Body of Christ.

The Lord has blessed my wife, Judy, and me with 4 sons, 1 daughter, 4 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law and 13  great  grandchildren. (We think all 13 of our grandchildren are great!)

He has also provided for all of our needs as I have worked with my hands since 1978. I currently serve others by  sharpening various cutting tools and working in tree removal.

For the past 13 years Judy and I have immensely enjoyed assembling in homes with other believers who minister to one another according to their God-given gifts.


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  1. Melly Maas says:

    Hi Bruce, John King passed on your comments re. forsake not the assembling. Thanks for taking the time to look into it. I will give the matter further consideration in due time.
    After looking at your blogs I can see we have quite a lot in common regarding struggling with apparent errors in much of our Church teaching. Not many are brave enough to question the ‘Trinity’ for instance. This is a real sacred ‘cow’ , but if it is wrong then it is WRONG.
    That subject popped up quite a few years when we were doing an evangelistic bible study with an interested couple and the husband could not get his head around the Trinity thing. Later at home my wife and I were looking up the verses again and had to admit that the bible verses referred to in the study were certainly less than clear on the subject. This set off a few alarm bells in our minds and I suppose made us a little more open to a more ‘biblical’ answer. It took the correction of a few other misunderstandings (errors) before we could see what the answer was. We have found that errors are often caused by underlying errors or misunderstandings. If we don’t get to the bottom of it we will end up just replacing one error with another.
    I have a few questions if you are interested in discussing them, but this will do for now. Your ‘fellow heretic’ Melly Maas.


    • Bruce Woodford says:

      Hi Melly!
      Great to “meet” you in conversation! I really enjoyed your article on gathering and will look forward to further discussions. (You can email me any time.) I’m glad to know there are a few more “heretics” out there who question doctrines that aren’t stated in scripture!
      Your brother in Christ,


  2. John says:

    Hi, brother Bruce! I like (and agree with) your admonition to communicate the teachings of Scripture with the actual words of Scripture – and thereby prevent misunderstandings that cause divisions between believers. “Do not go beyond what is written,” as Paul taught. My wife and I came home from church today a bit unsatisfied again and decided to watch again some youtube videos about churches in homes. It always cheers me back up. We like all the speakers in the videos but smile, laugh and say, “I really like this guy! (So easy to respect),” when you come up. I noticed your name this time around and decided to “google” you up, and here you are! Thanks for the website, (and your part in the videos!). I really look forward to meeting people like you with the Lord Jesus!

    I am guessing that you have other websites, too, since you strike me as someone with some energy and enthusiasm. (You sound just like the “smartwatch ticks” guy on youtube, lol!). Anyway, I am always trying to learn “a more excellent way” in all that I do, including church. Right now I am a little frustrated with that endeavor because it just seems that nobody, (or priceless few), is very interested in just following the New Testament directions as written. But I keep going to the best church I can find until God fixes me, or directs me elsewhere, or directs me to start a church in my home. (I dropped everything and began following Jesus 30 years ago so I’ve been at this a while 🙂 Your advice on the subject would be appreciated!



  3. 451psalm says:

    Dear in Christ Bruce,

    Can I email you?



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