A Satan Fable

A Satan Fable:

-Satan is the “god of this world”. This is a false deduction from II Cor.4:4 a context in which Satan is never mentioned! This teaching ascribes to him exactly what he has always desired…attributes of deity  which belong to none other than the Creator of heaven and earth, (i.e. the right to be called God and the ability to blind minds.)  This teaching distracts believers from things which scripture teaches only God can do, ascribes attributes of God to the Enemy and contradicts the clear teachings of scripture!

 It is always doctrines such as this which divide between brothers and sisters in Christ whom He has united as one in the church which is His Body!  Such false doctrines divide those who believe them from those who simply believe what the Bible says for itself.

See the post  “Who is the God of this World (Age)?” by clicking on this link.


12 comments on “A Satan Fable

  1. Galen says:

    So, who is this “god of the world” that blinds men to the Good News about Jesus? The “evil one” who snatches away the sown word? Who is this “evil one” in whom lies the whole world? There is one one candidate I can think of: Satan. Just as God has about 300 names, titles and descriptors in the Bible, so his arch enemy has many names, titles and descriptors.


    • Galen, Did you read the post “Who is the God of this world (age)”?

      I hope it will give you good scriptural reasons to identify this One by scripture and not by the common deductions of men.


  2. mcollings says:

    I agree with this point that Satan does not have god-like attributes. He is a liar (telling you that this world is his) and deceiver (pitting people against one another over imaginary offenses, e.g. the war on terror), and that is how he operates. No clearer illustration of this tactic is given to us than Jesus temptation in the desert.


    • Mark, you are absolutely right that Satan is a liar and deceiver. I believe that he is the one who has inspired the doctrine that he is, in fact, the “god of this world”. Our God has never turned “this age” over to Satan or given him ownership of it! Nor does scripture ever teach that Satan has the power to blind anyone’s mind or eyes!


  3. Owen says:

    Neither is Isaiah 14:12 about Satan.
    This passage has been poorly translated to refer to the devil instead of the king of babylon


  4. Clyde says:

    I have read this verse several time and it quite clearly refers to the devil, lucifer.
    His name is right in the verse!
    Who else has fallen from heaven but the devil?!


    • Clyde,
      I must ask, what verse have you read? There is no name such as “devil” or Lucifer” in II Cor.4:4!

      And where would scripture teach us that “the God of this world” has ever “fallen from heaven”?

      It seems you are reading the verse like most Christians (with the presupposition already in their minds that “the God of this world” is (as everybody knows!) Satan!

      But when asked for scriptural reasons why they have come to that conclusion, I have never met anyone yet who can give even one sound reason for such a conclusion! Can you?

      Where else in scripture is deity ascribed to Satan, the devil or Lucifer?

      Where else in scripture do you learn that Satan, the devil or Lucifer has the power to blind people’s eyes or minds?

      Have you read the post, “Who is the God of this world (age)? See the link in the brief article above.



  5. Clyde says:

    I was refering to Isaiah 12:14
    I am on your side.


    • Hi Clyde,
      I think you meant Isaiah 14:12. But what has it to do with II Cor.4:4?

      You say you are “on my side” but your last couple of posts seem to indicate otherwise! Or are you playing “the devil’s advocate”?
      Just to be clear, would you tell us who YOU believe “the God of this world” in II Cor.4:4 is?



  6. Clyde says:

    Well I was actually replying to Owen, not to you.
    Obviously there is only one God of this world, and that is definitely not Lucifer.


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